Indian culture:

In India, every state has its own culture and tradition, its own history. different culture from different states teaches us to love, sympathy, benevolence. In India Truth is our Core-Bliss, friendliness is our innate nature, simplicity is our grand character, humility is our hoary culture and we believe all being kind is our entire cosmic family. We live in India. We Love India.


Sovereign nation India where people follow their independent thoughts, everyone has its own pathway to the destination. we observe unity in diversity in practice. it happens only in India. We at the LinkFri respect to all, we just are observers. We observe the things as they really are and not how they should be. We know we are free by birth, boundaries cannot stop us.


We believe in Tempus fugit, We believe in Momento Mori. We believe that life is just time and time is flying. we all are bound to die. we all have to prove who we really are before.....

We believe in practice, perfect practice makes us perfect. We believe, in India that everyone has to show courage, has to fight against own boundaries to survive. we keep you inspired what you want to do.


WhatsApp is not just an app now. This is a part of our daily life. We have linked our friends and families. We use it for updates, for business purposes, getting entertained etc. You may be a student, parent, housewife, doctor, lawyer, engineer, businessman, You may be a job seeker...

Without information and updated knowledge you cannot make decisions, we help you do what you love to do.

LinkFri provides every information that is needed to make every decision in your practical life. Team LinkFri is self-inspired.

We love to help you with the information.
We love to make you aware of making sound decisions. It is our passion and it makes us start LinkFri for you. LinkFri is Free for you. join now, be aware, and make rational decisions.


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