Social Marketing

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

LinkFri uses these platforms for making product and service a brand one.

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Email Marketing

Every Smartphone has an Email account.

LinkFri sends your catalogue to targeted customers.

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Text message

The fastest communication speed cannot beat the text message service, it has its own features and because it works without internet service.

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what LinkFri does.

You have good products and services for customers but if you don't reach to them how they will come to know about you.

LinkFri uses all possible ways to make your targeted customers aware of buying your products. LinkFri makes targeted customers feel better and induce to try your products and services.

Our team scrutinises the quality and services of the products you provide and then accept the challenges.

if you are new in the market you have to struggle for many years. LinkFri saves your time and takes you to the BEP as early as possible.

Customer is a king in every market and it has several parallel options for products and services to buy instead.



you can write about your products and services you provide or are going to provide in future.

write to us about your products and find a suitable plan for your business.